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The best blow dry hair brush.

3-In-1 Boar & Nylon Bristle Hair Brush.

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How to blowdry like a pro.

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How to prevent hair breakage

Do you have hair breakage and find it never seems to grow?

You are not alone. These days we have so many heat styling tools there isn't a hair style out there that we can't achieve, unfortunately for some people it comes with a price. Hair styling tools such as hair straighteners that reach over 200 degrees are very damaging and dehydrating to your locks if held on the hair for too long and too often. Below are some simple inexpensive tips to help prevent hair breakage.

Moisturise! Use a hair serum as any hair that is subjected to intense heat will eventually fray and break. Using hair serum adds additional moisture to your hair improving elasticity allowing the hair to absorb the extra heat without snapping.
Leave in conditioner. Many People over rinse the conditioner from their hair which leaves hair still feeling rough and dry. Dry ends will drink up the moisture so leave a little extra on the ends or use a leave in conditioner too.
Blow dry using a boar bristle hair brush. Ditch the direct heat tools that can burn you hair if used too often and blow dry with a boar bristle hairbrush, that distributes hair oils while using less heat allowing your hair to grow.

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Best Blow Dry Hair Brush

Why blow dry with a smoothing boar and nylon bristle brush?

Blow drying is back in a big way and many women are returning to blow drying to create beautiful sexy bouncy hair. Gone is the overly flat straightened hair of yesteryear to make way for a softer more natural look. Using a nylon and boar bristle brush not only volumizes from the roots down but smooths the cuticles for a longer lasting hairstyle.

Natural bristles distribute the hair oils down the hair shaft promoting shine and luminosity. Blow dry bars may not be In your budget every week but with a good quality hair brush and hair dryer you can recreate that salon look after every hair wash. Blow-styling your hair with a boar and nylon bristle hair brush brings so many extra benefits including making your colour pop and creating unbelievable volume plus with the 3Styler’s Mega head you can half the blow drying time!

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The best blow dry hair brush.

  • 3 Different Sized Brush Heads

    Different size premium boar bristle hair brushes.
    Mega Head 80mm (Excl. Bristles)
    Midi Head 48mm (Excl. Bristles)
    Mini Head 10mm (Excl. Bristles)

  • Easy Grip

    Ergonomic, soft, easy grip handle for non slip blow drying. The 3Styler Features a click and twist release.

  • Nylon & Boar Bristle Brush

    a mixture of nylon and white, premium, boar bristles. That are stiff at first, but soften after a couple of uses to maintain hair smoothing capabilities.

  • Compact Design

    Unique patented storage feature allowing all 3 boar bristle hair brush heads to store on one handle at the same time, saving space.

Our story so far...

  • The Concept and The Invention

    Designing a unique boar bristle hairbrush was born from a need to solve a few problems Lisa was having as a stylist .

    She wanted a larger boar bristle brush that wasn't available at the time and she wanted other size brushes that could all fit on one handle for easy storage. Early sketches scribbled back in 2011 show the 3styler idea coming to life. Later a plastic working prototype was made and taken to Kent brushes one of the leading hairbrush manufacturers in the world. Impressed with the innovation Kent agreed to manufacture for Hair Philosophers and so this family run business was up and running.

  • The Best Nylon and Boar Bristle Hair Brush

    Next up was to make sure the bristles were super smoothing and up to the job whilst ensuring all of the brushes could twist and click and store neatly on top of each other. Once the 3styler was launched Hair Philosophers headed to Salon International to reveal their new innovative hair brush. Many overseas distributors showed an interest but Hair philosophers have kept 3Styler to the UK for now.

  • As Seen On TV

    Hair Philosophers have received amazing reviews and have since been on QVC and channel 4’s The Money Pit and currently sell through and We continue to strive for excellent and produce innovative products and are excited to launch the super silky, anti-breakage, Argan oil hair serum. The perfect compliment to the 3Styler.

The 3Styler by Hair Philosophers

Benefits of Different Size Brushes

Mini Head

Your go to for short styles that need a little oomph! Whether it's a pixie crop that you want to revitalise and turn into an evening style or short layers that need a curl, this mini is for you.

Midi Head

Perfect for root volume on layers, medium length hair and most bobs. This head is a very versatile as it will accommodate most lengths.

Mega Head

Great for long to medium hair. Due to it's size, long haired girls can achieve a sleek finish in no time. But don't be fooled, this big boy can be used on medium length hair, bobs and layers too.

Celebrities Testimonials

What the celeb's are saying about the best blow dry hair brush!

"To be honest I never spend hours on my hair just for everyday - I have a lot of cheats! If I have some time in the morning Ill pop in my sleep rollers first thing while I do my makeup but usually I have less time so I blow out my hair with my 3 Styler brush which gives me volume and helps with frizz. It’s like a magic brush I’ve already got everyone in the boutique using them! It has 3 heads in one brush that unlock and it works really well with extensions, I love it."

"Cant wait to try this bad boy out!! @the_CAN_group and @HairPhilosophers never have a bad hair day again woopa!!!"

"So then girls if you want big hair this us the ultimate tool to use its from, it's amazing and great for big bouncy blow drys. Its a thee in one styling brush that can be used to style all different types of hair. A must have for any blow dry"

"I can honestly say that with your brushes and a Dyson hairdryer, I have never blow dried my long hair better, and I will leave that feedback on Amazon"

"Thankyou yes I have received the 3 styler! It's brilliant, I've told everyone about it. And Thankyou for your email with your tips, very helpful and kind of you. 
I just have to practice with it as I have no idea what I'm doing yet, but so far very good."