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Hair Philosophers Guide: 8 New Hair trends to try in 2017!

What's Big in hair in 2017?

Colour Contouring

Is colour contouring different from balayage and ombré? Well, the answer is yes! Although it's relatively new, the truth is, its been around for a long time and I personally prefer this method of colouring and have done for years. Firstly because it's highly personalised and you don't tend to over colour for the sake of it. Secondly, it's amazing for adding definition to your hair and can highlight cheekbones, skin colouring and your face shape.

I used to call it fashion colouring because I used it to enhance a haircut/shape and colour only where it was needed but contouring is a much better name because that's exactly what it is. See below for the exact definition of contour colouring.

Colour Contouring

Image Source-Pinterest

What's is Contour colouring?

Contour colouring is a bit like contouring your face with makeup, you use colour to define and illuminate parts of your face and we do exactly the same with hair colour. A good example would be the photo above, this is subtle contouring and there is minimal colour but it is placed in the front sections to highlight the face and gently through the hair so that light bounces off and adds shine and shimmer. Contouring, when done properly, can create light and dark shadows making hair appear thicker in areas whilst adding dimension to precision hair shapes. Another good example is if you have a trendy lob and just want to lighten the front longer pieces and maybe a couple of pieces over the top to give the illusion of having lighter hair all the way through. Doing this would lighten without having to deal with a whole head of highlights and the dreaded regrowth that comes with it. The sky really is the limit with contour colouring because you can literally choose where you want the colour placed and of course choose more than one colour depending on your chosen outcome. I think a mashup of contour colouring and balayage is the perfect combo for natural looking colour that doesn't need a huge amount of upkeep.

Neon Hair

Image Source Pinterest

Rose Gold seems to have taken a back seat although I think it will creep back in for summer. NEON hair has been gaining popularity since last year and seems to have a firm place in the 2017 hair trends. It seems there is no colour that we can't go these days with these new super colours that were made even more popular by Marc Jacobs during his show last year. The thing to keep in mind with a lot of these colours is that if you are very dark you may have to have your hair pre-lightened before you can have Neon colours and that is a big colour job. Your hair will be lifted light enough so that the neon glow in the dark colours are rich enough to show and that means when the colour fades, as these bright colours do you will be left with lighter hair than when you started. That's just a heads up for anyone that doesn't realise this is the process before you are sitting in the hairdresser's chair. It's pretty and gorgeous but needs more upkeep. Make sure you find out exactly what the process would be for your hair type before committing so that you know what's involved in the process and what to expect.

Bardot Bangs/Fringe

Image Source Pinterest

Forget the Kim Kardashian “wings” fringe because in 2017 it's all about the shorter middle parted fringe/bangs just like the beautiful Bridget Bardot. Just check out the celebs sporting this fringe and you will see how framing your face with a lovely BB fringe can really soften a hair cut. The perfect length seems to be somewhere between the eyebrow and just skimming the top of your lashes. These fringes tend to look better cut in a bit heavier too as the weight in the hair means it hangs better but if you don't like it blunt ask your hairdresser to just Deep point cut the ends to soften it up, this will keep the length but soften the ends. Fine fringes tend to do their own thing, and separate or part where you don't want them to, so a little bit of weight can combat this. The key here is to get the right length and angle and you will soon be looking like Bridget B!

Hair Exfoliation

Hair exfoliation what is it? Well, I think it's fairly self-explanatory but why do we need to exfoliate our hair? According to the intellectual's, it's to remove build up of all the products in our hair. Matrix sugar shine blow-dry starts at £50.00 including the blow dry. It's a silicone free sugar based scalp scrub that helps nourish your hair and remove all impurities as the water soluble crystals melt into the hair removing any product build up from the hair shaft. Alternatively, if that's a little pricey for you, head over to Pinterest for some DIY homemade hair exfoliation scalp scrubs! personally, I like this simple recipe:3 tbsp of brown sugar plus 2 tbsp of coconut or olive oil mix together and scrub away!

Link to recipe: Homemade Scrub

Super straight (blow-dry style)


Image Source Pinterest

Super straight blow dry style is the new straight and it's different from the GHD straight of yesteryear. We looking at swinging smooth blow dried hair. It all starts with a good shampoo and conditioner and let's not forget my favourite product of the last 25 years the Hair Serum. A good blow dry is the key here you want volume at the roots but super straight smooth ends. Use a good boar bristle brush and smooth your hair by pointing the hair dryer down the hair shaft closing and smoothing the cuticles as you go. Imagine the amount of hair breakage you're saving yourself by not using the straighteners.



Source Pinterest

I'm not sure ponytails ever go out of fashion but this year's version is still messy but a bit more “done” That messy ponytail can take ages to get right but the good news is there is a ponytail for everyone. High or low messy or neat you can't go wrong with a ponytail this year. If you're looking for a textured ponytail try using some dry shampoo ant the roots to make your hair less silky. Then take a comb or teasing brush and gently tease at the roots all around your head. The scoop all the hair in a bunch smoothing any rough areas and band in the position you want your ponytail to sit. Pull out some random side bits to frame your face.


Balayage Hair

Image Source Pinterest

Although Balayage was huge in 2016 I think 2017 will see even more people adopting this low key easy maintenance colouring technique. There is a lot of confusion for some people as they think balayage is a colour but it's the technique in which the colour is applied. I.e balayage means hand painted onto the hair and it's very personalised not foiled. You can have "foilage" which is a mixture of both and you can have any colour you want or your hair will go.

New versions of balayage include “strobing” and my favourite is the subtle “tortoiseshell” which is a softer balayage. Balayage should be a seamless blending of colours which is hand painted onto the hair where ever the stylists think it will lift and illuminate the client's own colour and I think it will be the go to colour technique for 2017 due to its versatility and easy maintenance vibe. Balayage is also great for colour contouring as described above.

Unicorn hair

Image Source: www.allthingshair.com

Unicorn mania is upon us and is it any wonder it's beautiful. From unicorn cafes to unicorn cakes it seems the world has gone mad for unicorns! So if you want hair like my little pony then the same rules apply as the neon hair and you may have to pre-lighten your existing hair to get this fab colour. Unlike neon colour shades unicorn hair uses more pastel shades and is more translucent although it seems some have gone for the deeper colours and they look just as good. Again check with your stylist how much you would have to pre-lighten your own hair first if at all and be aware of what's involved in achieving this fairytale hair.

Unicorn hair really looks good enough to eat!

Happy Hair Days

Lisa xo


Best Hair Products and Tools for the Perfect Blow Dry

Best Hair Products and Tools for the Perfect Blow Dry

Best Hair Products and Tools for the Perfect Blow Dry

Header image Original Source Pinterest

Blow drying your own hair, in my opinion, is one of the best things you can learn to do. Abilities vary from person to person and we all have different hair textures and lengths but learning the basics can turn you from feeling from drab to fab.

Having bouncy smooth hair just feels luxurious and compliments your makeup and outfit. Imagine the money you can save being able to do your own drybar blowout!

There is always a little trial and error in the beginning but with a little time and effort you will Blow-dry like a Pro.

Firstly before you get to know which products and accessories work for you, you need to get to know your own hair and be realistic about what you can achieve.

Even us hairdressers only have what we have to work with, so with this in mind let's get started.

 Blow Drying is quite easy once if you give yourself a little time, preserver and get to know your own hair. As an example if you have fine, shiny, light weight hair you should not use a heavy based product or one that actually adds more shine this may result in a limp flat blow-dry. Equally if you have dry coarse hair you would be looking for a product that adds moisture and makes your hair more manageable, and silky. So essentially very few products are designed to fit all hair types, with the exception of hair serum which in my personal opinion is a must have. Everybody needs serum applied to their ends to fight the onslaught of straighteners and other direct heat tools. A common miss-conception by some is that they are unable to blow dry there own hair. However by using incorrect products, they are sabotaging  their blow drying efforts and making life hard for themselves.

 Take a look at the following 6 step process to help you decide on the products and tools that are correct for you.


Assess you hair honestly and ask the questions:

  • Is it fine and flyaway
  • Dry and possibly broken from too much straightening
  • Thick and frizzy
  • Or simply medium weight hair.
  • Do you have an oily root and super dry ends?
Answer these questions before you look at products so you can make an informed decision and not waste money on products that do not suit your hair type or condition.



Once you have self assessed you will look for products specifically formulated for your hair type and try a few out. Standard procedure that works for most of my clients is a root lift product for the volume and a moisture products for the ends. My 2 faves are still mousse for the roots with a little salt spray for stiffness plus a good quality hair serum for the ends to add moisture and protect.If your hair is very dry use a spray leave in conditioner too.

I like shock waves mousse if you're on a budget it's good for all hair types and also Got2b beach trippin or texturising salt spray, just add a little at the roots though as salt spray can make some hair types quite knotty at the ends if too much is applied.

John Freida Hair Serum

Shock waves mousse is available at Boots or other High Street stores

Got2b texturising salt spray also available at Superdrug or other High Street stores


Depending on your hairstyle length and texture you will either use a radial hair brush of varying sizes or a flat paddle, but if it's volume you're looking for it will almost definitely be a radial hair brush.The next thing to decide is do I use Boar or a nylon bristle brush? Again in my opinion if you want a silky smooth finish that lasts go for both! Use a hair brush with a  mixture of boar and nylon bristles to get a long lasting blow dry.These brushes are a bit more expensive but worth it. Use a large barrel hair brush for medium to long hair and swap it out for a medium to smalI for shorter layers on top and shorter hair.

I like Mason Pearson for a flat paddle luxury hair brush and the 3styler by Hair Philosophers for a choice of 3 boar and nylon different size barrel brushes.

available at Hair Philosophers 

For a quality but lower budget hair brush I like Kent Brushes medium radial hair brush.

And the Mason Pearson option available at Amazon 


Source: Mason Pearson


Hairdryers are a personal choice as a hairstylist I use the Parlux   As it has a good motor speed and is lightweight, but for a cheaper option you can look at the Babyliss pro hairdryers. One of the main reasons blow dries frizz out or do not turn out as well as you may have liked is you don't use a nozzle on the end. Nozzles direct the heat evenly where you want it to go and helps to smooth the cuticles for a long lasting blow out.

I also like Parlux advance light ceramic ionic hair dryers.


Image Source: Parlux.co.uk



Now you have the right products for your pre prep blowdry let's look at your post blow dry products to help enhance and lengthen your blow dry.

If you have done a fabulous blow dry you will want it to last as long as it can.

I don't like heavy hairsprays but I do like tresemme Strong Hold as it is easily brushed out without leaving your hair sticky and  it's perfect for that extra bit of hold. For those of you that don't like hairspray you can use a little serum just on your ends to calm flyaway strands. Some of my clients use a little Dry Matt Clay to define use a little on the tips of your fingers and work on the ends for a messier look. Which ever you decide on always try them out on a day/night that you are not going out so if it isn't for you it's not a problem that ruins your night out.

Tresemme hairspray and VO5 Matt clay available at all major chemists.

Source: John Frieda

Source: www.hairphilosophers.com


Don't let your good hair days go unnoticed, it's always good to take pics of how you liked your hair so you can show to your hairdresser in the future if needed.


Next read our blog How to blow dry like a pro!


Happy Hair Days

Lisa xo

10 Ways to add extra volume to your Blow Dry

10 Ways to add extra volume to your Blow Dry

10 ways to add extra volume to your Blow dry


Would you like to bounce along with the ultimate blow dry straight from the Drybar? Of course you would but it can get a little expensive to do on a regular basis that's why it's worth a little time and effort to practise how to give yourself a voluminous blow dry at home.
For techniques on how to blow dry like a pro please read my previous post link. HOW YOU CAN BLOW DRY LIKE A PRO and HOW TO USE A BOAR AND NYLON HAIR BRUSH.
In this post we will look at other tips and tricks we can do to make our blowdry more volumous and last last longer.

1.Use an appropriate shampoo and conditioner. Do not use a 2 in 1 moisturising shampoo if you have oily hair,similarly do not use a stripping cleansing shampoo on dry thick hair.Start with the correct products for your hair type this will make a big difference.

2.Use products that give your hair volume. Most people will need a root lifting product for their roots to create lift and then a moisturising serum or leave in conditioner on their mid length and ends.Use the two products in conjunction with each other to create volume at the roots but keep the ends moisturised and silky.Try John Freida hair serum for the ends has been one of the best on the market over the last 20 years. This is available from Stores like Boots and Superdrug. the below link takes you to Superdrug as an example. John Freida

3.Moisturise. Start with using a leave in conditioner where ever needed as dry split hair never blow dries nicely. Take a small amount of serum into the palm of your hands maybe the size of a 2 pence piece and rub into both of your hands then split your hair into 2 sections and rub serum on the ends of both sections then comb through.Try Aussies miracle recharge leave in conditioning spray available at all good retailers and of course Aussie Hair.

4. Apply a volumising mousse. Lift your roots and apply mousse onto your scalp and hair then comb through to the ends,for extra root “stiffness” spray a little texturising salt spray directly onto your root area as this is great for very shiny glassy hair that always feels a bit floppy.If you have a drier thicker hair skip this step.You can use a number of volumising root lift products but I think mousse is a great all rounder for all hair types and you can't really go wrong with hair mousse Elvive gets a 5 star review from super drug buyers available below.
I also like shockwaves as it really does work on all hair types. This is available from shops like Superdrug

5.Blow dry technique. Taking as much moisture out of your hair before you blow dry is key this will speed up your blow dry and style your hair much more quickly.The next step is elevation! Wrap your hair tightly around the hair brush as tension really is key to a bouncy blow dry. You will need to lift the hairbrush and elevate the section upwards as you are blow drying this will lift the hair up from the root and will give you maximum volume.make sure each section us bone dry then cool down and seal in the volume with a shot of cold air from your dryer.


Hair Philosophers

6.Dry Shampoo. Yes I know you have just washed and blow dried your hair but did you know stylists always use a little dry shampoo for texture when putting hair up? This helps enormously when hair is squeaky clean and a little too silky.The dry shampoo can also be used to lightly texturise super soft hair.So if your hair is feeling a little soft and limp just spray a little dry shampoo at the roots it will give you that grip you need and and a little thickening texture. Dark brown vomited bastist is best on darker hair so you don't have any white powdery roots. To apply part your hair at the roots from forehead to crown in rows and give it a little spray then gently pat your scalp to disperse the powder, then style. Batiste is available from all good outlets Dry Shampoo 

7. Pincurl. The next step you can take to really make sure your bouncy blow dry lasts is to pin curl each section you have after you have blow dried.Take each section and gently roll it back up into a large pin curl or roll and then take a Kirby grip and pin to your scalp.This will look like you have a roller in but the space is empty in between.Continue to do this all over your head until all of your hair is pin curled. Leave in for half an hour or as long as you have and then release all the waves/ curls, then gently use your fingers like a rake to soften and loosen them out for a curly look or beach waves.


8.Sleep in rollers. Sleep in rollers are an alternative to pin curls, you can simply apply them on topic your crown for extra root lift or all over depending on the effect you want.
Leave them in for a few minutes or hours depending on your desired outcome.
The rollers will give you that extra boost to your curly blow dry. Checkout
Sleep-in rollers here

9.Tease tease tease. Teasing went out of fashion for a while but it's back and if you do not have naturally thick hair teasing can make all the difference. Teasing is especially beneficial on the crown and root to add that little bit of staying power to your blow dry and create an illusion of more hair. First take a section of hair and use either a pin tail comb or a Tangle Teezer. Hold you hair upright from the root and then slowly tease the hair down from the top down to the root, this creates a soft “matting” at the root. Do this several times until your hair can easily stand up on its own, then take a soft back combing or boar bristle brush and smooth over the top to disguise the teasing and then apply a little hair spray.This can be done all around the head to elevate the hair from the roots giving a thicker appearance all round.You do this after you take out your rollers or pin curls.

10.Finishing products. Once you have created your beautiful blow dry and teased it all into place you will want it to stay there.Choose the right products for your end goal. If you want a messy beach look then a light spritz of salt texturising spray will work but I advise to use this sparingly, too much can cause knots in some people's hair.bouncy curls your thing? Then simply turn your head upside down and get a light hair spray like Tresemme and spray into the roots. Flip your head back rearrange your hair and spray again,for a firmer hold Use Toni and Guys Glamour spray its very economical at just £2.50.You may just prefer a soft finish if you have a drier hair with just a finger tips worth of serum on the ends.
Try Toni & Guy Glamour

Happy Hair Days
Lisa xo