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How to explain what you want to your hairdresser..... #hairdressertalk

How to explain what you want to your hairdresser..... #hairdressertalk

How to explain what you want to your hairdresser
Time and time again I have clients with beautiful hair that’s kind of lost its way. Either too much colouring, over straightening or even worse both, on top of that they don’t have a trim for ages……. Ok I get it us hairdressers really don’t know how long an inch really is right? We always cut way too much off! And your right, some of us hairdressers say ok to an inch but really in our minds we are all ready set to cut off all the split broken ends that may in reality be two inches.

This is a common reason why a lot of girls don’t get a cut when their hair is clearly dying! That are afraid that on top of the breakage, the hairdresser will make it even shorter. So the cycle carries on and the hair gets shorter, from fraying and broken ends that keep creeping up the hair shaft.
This is where I normally come up with a hair plan which you will see with our tips to grow your hair. But the best thing I do is acknowledge that if I only cut a little off there will still be splits ends left. I normally tell my clients this and we make a plan for them to do it gradually, I tell them that on average hair grows half an inch a month, so if they come every 8 weeks I will take a quarter of an inch off from the inch. This way they are tackling the split ends and still growing their hair, provided they are also following the steps.
This may seem a long drawn out process but for some of my clients it really works and eventually they get the courage to just go for it, there is no point in scaring your clients away! It’s their hair, I always offer two solutions for them to choose from.
So what do you say to a hairdresser that not quite on the same page as you are? Firstly be very clear yourself about what you want. If you are not clear then you will not get what you want because you didn't know what you wanted in the first place!
This sounds simple but I have had ppeople in my chair go fro. Wanting a short crop to just a trim they are not really sure themselves. If you feel like this go to your hairdressers with a couple of options and maybe a couple of pictures to explain the kind of lengths your going for and shape. They will be able to agree or eliminate some of the styles and that will narrow it down. The more sure you are the more helpful it is to the hairdresser and the more descriptive very you are the better, if you can't explain exactly what your looking for then I recommend telling them what you do not want so at least you don't end up with something you hate. I find if a client can't articulate what they want I usually work it out once I find out what they don't want. If your stylist doesn't appear to have the time to have a proper discussion with you about your hair and your not confident they are sure what you want either don't go a head or find a similar photo of what you want and talk them through hoe you would like your hair to look.
Dont be scared of the hairdresser! It's there job to tell you honestly whether they can do what you are asking for. Hair dressers will use  these terms below.
Common Terminology
Reduce weight: this can mean layering to take thickness out or volume where it doesn't serve the shape of the cut.
Layers: layers i one way is a tinning of the weight of the hair and creates volume and movement within the haircut. It doesn't necessarily mean your length will get shorter.
Create movement: means to layer the hair and make it lighter so it can move easier.
One length: means there is no layering in the hair cut all of the hair is the same length from top to bottom.
Feathering or forward graduation: This is soft shorter layers around the face that frame.
An inch off: this usually means 2 inches off ( only kidding) this means off the length and can mean layers too.
Pixie crop: very short only about an inch or two all round but shaped to suit the client.
Balayage: is not a colour it is a technique of colouring namely hand painting colour where needed for a more natural sun kissed look.
Ombre: is a colouring technique much like balayage that lightens or colours the hair half way down leaving dark roots or more natural colour at the top and half way down looking more natural.
Asymmetic bob: This is when one side of the hair cut is either longer or shorter than the other to either a major or slight degree depending on what the clients wants ( think 80's cut or more recently Rihanna has had it)
Graduated bob: This is when the bob is not one length at the back but raised at an angle to either a severe or slight degree. This gives an angled bob it's shape.
Comprimised hair: This means the hair is either fragile from over colouring or more lightly over straightening.
Undercut: The undercut is quite self explanatory it's when the top layer doesn't blend with the graduation and the underneath is shorter and disconnected from the layers.
Over processed: is over coloured over everything! Generally in bad condition.
Colour combo: Complimentery colours being used to enhance your natural colour.
Slices: These can be colour slices as in not weaved streaks but thicker slices or your can slice cut hair also known as slide cutting.
There are many more terms but I hope this helps you on your way.
Happy Hair Days
Lisa xx


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