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Take the plunge! Summer Crops and Pixies #Summerhair

Take the plunge! Summer Crops and Pixies #Summerhair

Sooooo.. I always get ahead of myself and starting thinking of spring even though we are still in the depths of winter and it’s freezing! Its wishful thinking.
But my mind is thinking of fresh looks, fab make up and cool hair colours. Whilst I love long hair, if you have the face and hair to pull of a pixie/crop, nows the time to start summoning up the courage to do it and by spring you may actually go for it ! It’s a bit cold now so give it a couple of months.

A short cut is not just a short cut, you really need to go to a stylist that understands shapes and angles as this is what a hair cut really is, and can give you the softness and texture you need to look dramatic but still feminine and sexy, not a guys haircut on a woman. Trust me there is a difference and it’s all to do with showing off the shape of the head whilst creating soft lines and movement. I also prefer when the cuts that can be styled in more than one way so that you do not get bored.

If you take the plunge and are having colour too, always make sure you discuss this with your colourist and stylist at the same time. The colourist needs to know where your hair will be short or longer with in the hair cut, so it's best to have the cut done first to avoid colour dots! Mostly a stylist will cut first in this instance and then colour will be applied to the new hair cut afterward.

Happy cropping!

Lisa x


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