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Achieving the best BLOWDRY at home with the 3 styler #blowdrybuddy

Achieving the best BLOWDRY at home with the 3 styler #blowdrybuddy

So I thought I would just do a little blog on the 3styler and the reason Idesigned it. As a hairdresser of 25 years I have cut, coloured and styled many heads and used many different tools and products in the process.

Over the years many original and unique products have emerged but many have simply been recycled or upgraded to fit with today’s modern tastes and standards.
This is why I designed the 3styler! I wanted to make light work of blow drying for gals with medium to long hair, I also wanted to reduce the need for over straightening and…. I wanted to design a completely versatile unique hair brush.
Last but not least I wanted to educate ladies on using the larger brush and drive the big brush revolution!

The 3styler is one unique radial hair brush with 3 size barrels fitted into one handle at the same time.
All three brushes are of the highest quality having been manufactured for us by kent brushes, and come with a mixture of boar and nylon bristles. This alone promotes smooth shiny hair.
The click and twist mechanism of the brush makes it easy to use and to store.To use the 3 styler you simply:

1. Pull down the button on the handle with your right hand and hold.

2. Twist the brush head slightly to the right and lift off

3. When using the large mega head always remove the middle midi head first then re-click the mega head back on to help with balance and handling.

4. When re attaching the midi head simply line up the bump on the brush head with the button on the handle and the click it to the left to hold into place.The 3styler can blow dry hair very quickly due to the size of the big barrel and has been noted for its smoothness thus reducing the need to over straighten. This is significant when trying to recover from breakage and severely split hair. The small mini head Is great for short hair, curly hairlines and fringes. These areas are very fragile and also beak easily when excess heat is applied.

Blow drying your hair before straightening or curling always gives a longer lasting stylle plus shine and always makes the colour appear fresh and more beautiful.



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