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Cool Colour Combinations #haircolour

Cool Colour Combinations #haircolour

If your feeling drab at the moment it may definitely be your hair! If you feel like this it's either you need a colour or cut but more than likely both. The dilemma for a lot of people is the upkeep of any new colour looks they take on. Realistically hair grows on average half an inch a month so every 8 weeks you will have an inch of regrowth. 

Now most people can last up to 12 weeks but by that time the regrowth is very visible. Your natural base colour plays a big part on how long you can last, but if you are grey it's even more noticeable. Here are some colour combos and techniques you can discuss with your colour technician.

1.Less is more.If you want some lift in your hair but don't want visible regrowth try some hilights underneath your parting and around your face. This will lighten you up and you can grow it out with out a dark line at the top of your head. Depending on your desired look ask for platinum/ash blonde/ honey gold blonde/ or even red lowlights if you have a darker base.

2. Colour combos.This is the difference between liking your colour or not. if I have a client with grey hair, there are certain colours that will not cover grey hair sufficiently. The answer to this dilemma is to choose the desired hi or low light required and add these with foils. mean while apply the chosen base colour in between the foil packets, colour all the hair with the base colour to cover all the grey. Many colour combos can be used for this, so discuss the best one with your stylist but the end result is always great. Instead of a flat aging all over colour you are left with a more natural look and no hard block colour.
Colours to consider are red lowlights with a chocolate brown base, honey hilites on a strawberry blonde base or toffee hilites on a brunette base and blonde on an ash base the list goes on but you get the gist.This can also be done on non grey hair too it helps create texture and dimension.

3.Blonde ambition.There are so many different shades of blonde it's overwhelming! The colour blonde you will ultimately go depends on the hidden shades of your base colour. By hidden I mean you may appear to be a certain colour but have underlying red or other tones. This is quite technical so I'm keeping it light! As with all colour I don't like block colour so even with blondes a few different shades of blonde always keeps that yellow tone at bay. Talking of yellow tones....
If you have become a yellow tone that you do not like the best solution is to have some ash ( dark blonde) lowlights to break it up and tone the yellow down. Also having two or three different colour blondes applied with foil and an ash base in between your packets will also do the trick. Each stylist has their own way of doing thing, this blog is to make you aware of what's possible and what you can discuss with your hair stylist.
I think these days less is more where colour is concerned. I am a big fan of balyage (hand painted on) colour. It is very natural and can be applied literally where ever you want.

4.Fashion colour is great to show off a new haircut, this is where colour is strategically placed to hilite the shape and dimension of the hair cut. Another thing that makes a huge difference is how the colour is applied. Do you prefer fine hilites or thicker slices? Again I like to use a mixture of both on different areas of the head. Always convey to your stylist what you do and don't like it will make their life easier if they know your preferences.
I hope this helps shed some light into the weird and wonderful world of colour!

Lisa xx


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