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How to Create Curls that Last

How to Create Curls that Last

How to create curls that last!

Curls that last Hair Philosophers

There's no doubt about it creating curls / beach waves doesn't
come naturally to all of us but with these easy hair hacks you too
can create lasting curls.

Follow these tips for long lasting beachy waves and curls.

1.Use product! hair needs to be slightly stiff to hold, so apply a mousse, salt spray or blow-dry lotion at the roots on wet hair and remember to use hair serum on the ends to protect from heat damage.

2.Rough dry your hair first! Turn your head upside down and aim the heat at the roots to create volume and root lift. Now blow dry your hair smooth this illuminates your colour and promotes shine and will help your curls feel bouncier plus make the curls last much longer. There's no need. To be too fussy just use a hairbrush a blow dry smooth.

3. Section your hair off and then take your first section at the front iand wrap the hair around the curling tongs and hold for a few seconds. The finer the sections the tighter the curl and the thicker the sections the looser the curl.
Top Tip: if you want a beach wave start curling your hair from halfway up the hair shaft leaving the ends out from the tongs. Work your way down curling the hair but leave the last quarter of an inch of hair straight at the bottom and this gives that beach wave rather than curl that right to the bottom.

4. Curl your sections in different directions to add dimension and not look to “ringletty” and set with a light hairspray as you go around.
Top Tip: To really set your waves / curls when you have released each curl from the curling tongs, gently roll up around your fingers to reform the curl and take a bobby pin and pin to your head to cool off. Leave for however long you have as this will really set your curls and give them extra staying power. Check out our video on hair to pin curl.

5. Once you have curled all around your head throw your head up side down and get some hair spray into the roots. Throw your head back and using your hand like a claw gently loosen the curls. For extra volume you can tease right at the roots. Once you have the curls where you want them set the rest of the hair with a light hairspray.

Happy Hair Days

Lisa xx


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