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5 Things you can do to improve your hair immediately

5 Things you can do to improve your hair immediately

In todays modern world us ladies really do expect a lot from our hair! We either change our hair colour like we change our underwear or we are constantly using direct heat tools day after day and wonder why our hair is breaking! Hair is not wire wool its elasticated to a point, but it will dehydrate and break if not looked after. Here are a few immediate adjustments to your routine that will help repair your hair.

1. Do not over rinse conditioner out from your hair this is a common mistake. You wouldn't apply moisturiser to your face and then wash it off would you? If you rinse your conditioner to the point that your hair feels the same as it did before you applied it then it will have little or no effect. Only apply conditioner to mid lengths and the ends, and only rinse excess off but hair should still feel slightly slimy. provided you do not apply the conditioner to the roots your hair will not be greasy. Dehydrated hair will drink the moisture up and instantly feel glossier.

2. Always apply a serum this is essential for anyone that uses heat and direct heat tools to their hair. Imagine the serum is like a fake moisture you are putting into your hair so that when you use straighteners it's actually pulling on the serum moisture first not your hairs moisture and it gives you that extra bit of protection.

3. Consider using a "leave in" conditioner spray. This is a double whammy for those of you with bleached hair and that also use straighteners. Moisture is key to replenishing and strengthening your hair and this in turn gives you that glossy well maintained look.

4. Even if you are growing your hair have a regular trims. For every inch you grow your hair snip a quarter inch off. This way you are still gaining length and keeping your hair healthy at the same time.

5. Reduce your use of direct heat tools and by this I mean tools that actually touch you hair, straighteners, tongs etc if only for a limited time.This is the number one reason people's hair becomes broken, and damaged. Instead take some time and blow-dry instead. This is why the 3Styler Hairbrush was invented, as it has mini, midi and mega head all for easy blow-drying, of multiple hair styles.



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