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Bored of Ombré? Change your shade!

Bored of Ombré? Change your shade!

The thing I love about Ombré is that it doesn't need re colouring every month when you get a half inch of regrowth.It also offers you versatility and a colour change that doesn't have to be too drastic because it's not always around your face. The other reason I like it is because most ombres are lighter at the bottom and this means if you get bored it's easy to change it up a bit.You can either tone your ash blonde ends to a warm toffee or caramel or if your really bored you can get some crazy colour? say pink, mauve or blue what ever your feeeling and have some fun with that. To remove crazy colour you can leave it fade to a trendy pastel or use colour stripping shampoo. Hairdressers may use a bleach bath to lift the colour out. If you want to play safe stick to a semi permanent colour that will eventually fade out as long as you haven't gone to dark. Yes I still love Ombré it offers a lot of possibilities! Remember to take good care of those ends especially if you have had a bleached ombré and you use direct heat tools.

Lisa x



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