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Natural v Nylon Bristle

Natural v Nylon Bristle

 Nylon or natural?

Nylon or natural bristle brushes both have their pros and cons.
Generally speaking they are both great for different reasons,natural or (boar) bristle is widely known for naturally conditioning and smoothing hair, by stimulating the hair follicles, and the sebum adds shine giving a smooth finish,this usually comes at a higher cost as natural bristle is more expensive.
Nylon bristle is great for grip and de-tangling and is very versatile, it can be used on almost all hair types. A mixture of nylon and boar bristle gives you the best of both worlds.That smooth finish you crave from straighteners can be had with the boar and nylon bristle brushes, but because the heat is less direct its a lot less damaging to your hair so less breakage. I see so much breakage on my younger and newer clients that it's driving me crazy! Your chin length bobs are creeping up your face becoming shorter and your hair line has short spikey antenna! What's a stylist to do with that? So become savvy and use a great brush to blow-dry and just use your direct heat tools at a minimum, simple really!

Lisa xx


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