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How to grow out your Pixie Cut for Summer

How to grow out your Pixie Cut for Summer

Here is Michelle Williams growing out her crop beautifully, as you can see she has gone from a tight cut to a modern longer shape and this is absolutely how it should be done.

So you have loved your short hair for ages but it's time for a change? Growing out your pixie can be fun as your hair will be transitioning from one style to another through different stages and lengths. A hair plan with your stylist will get you through the hard stages, as you will understand how your hair is growing out, and that will help you stick to the plan. As a stylist of 25 yrs I would always ask for a picture of the desired end result that the client is hoping to achieve. This is a great way for me to assess a few things, firstly how long it will take to achieve the style the client is aiming for which helps give them a rough time frame, for example your hair will be long enough in 3 months given the average persons hair grows 1/2 an inch a month, secondly how their hair will transition through the growing out stage. Some tips I would recommend are: when the hair grows over your ears how to style it until it gets to the bob stage. The main thing to remember is that it is length you are growing, so as long as you do not cut the length you can shape up and trim layers to reduce thickness and keep some sort of shape and style. Cutting layers in certain areas can really help a client keep control of their hair whilst they gain length and tucking hair behind ears whilst fluffing up your top layers can stop an over grown short cut from looking dire. Make it look like its on purpose. Once your hair is long enough at the sides you can then have a weight line cut in and start the Bob stage of the growth. The Bob is then quite easy to grow out to a mid length style, you can then change the shape in the interim with layering. So you can transition from a short to Bob, to a Lob, to mid length, and to long. Have fun! 




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