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How to get the Perfect Lob haircut

How to get the Perfect Lob haircut

How to Get the Perfect Lob

Slightly angled bob/lob Source :Pinterest

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So this month is a good month for Hair Philosophers we have two TV appearances, one is on the new show the Money Pit with Jason Manford on the Dave channel UK on November 5th at 7.30 and the other is QVC 8pm on November 18th. So we are excited for both of those. QVC is live but filming the Money Pit was really good fun and although they put me through my paces on TV, behind the scenes we had really great feed back especially from our beautiful black producer!

Lob Mania

Ok back to all things hair! It looks like the popularity of the Lob isn't waning and in fact is the perfect next step hair cut for those of you that realIy want a change but don't want to go too drastic. The Lob is the ultimate girl about town hair cut, and for those of you that want an easy style as it's so versatile and yet so easy to grow out once you have had enough if it. Also really popular is the Lob/Ombré colour combo. Originally Ombré looked far better on longer hair but now it seems to enhance the lobs and add that extra dimension creating a more beachy look which is very flattering. Another thing to consider is the up keep of the the Lob and Ombré mix which is very minimal, as the lobs look great with a bit of growth and the Ombré means you don't have to rush back to the salons every 8 weeks for your roots so it's an all round winner in my books.

How do I get the best shaped Lob cut for my face? 

Stylists will assess your face shape and your hair thickness to determine firstly the best length to cut your new Lob. You may want to be cautious the first time round and cut the Lob in a little longer which I think is sensible. You can cut more hair off later but you can't add it on! A really good length for first time lobbers is the collar bone length. This works well if you have an angled Lob and I find this to be more flattering for the majority of people. so the next thing to consider is the shape of your Lob, will it be angled or straight one length? The straight one length bobs / lobs are great but not so much if you have a round face. The thing to think about is not hair cuts but hair shapes, the difference is unbeleivable most people don't dislike their hair CUT they dislike the shape of their haircut so its important to get this right. Here are a few pointers to think about and discuss with your stylist to get the best length and shape for your new Lob hairstyle. It is very helpful to your hair stylist if you have a length and shape in mind as well as your colour requirements then you can both discuss if this is applicable to your hair type.


Lob Hair cut on red head

 Steeper angled bob/lob Source: Pinterest

The best Lob hair shape for me

1. Angled or slightly angled will give you the length at the front but it takes that excess hair from behind, this is very flattering and stops your Lob from looking too heavy at the bottom which then creates an A shape cut.

2. Straight same length all around Lobs tend to be a lot more blunt looking and work well if you want to make fine hair look fuller and thicker but may not suit the rounder faces so much.

3. Layers can make a huge difference to the over all shape of the hair cut and how your hair falls. Lob cuts tend to have longer layers leaving more weight in and this is essential because if the layers are too short it wont actually look like a lob. You need longer layers to create the beach waves that so many lobs are styled in. Thicker hair may need more softeneing at the ends if you desire a more softer and less blunt look.

4. Colour will need to be discussed with your stylist before the hair cut to ensure you both know the desired outcome, i.e face framing hilightes just around the front or a tortoiseshell ombre (this is a softer ombre which is very blended) because this will determine the hair cut shape also.


Long to short bob haircut

Straight same length bob source: Pinterest

As you can see from the above photo there is less of an angle and the colour is concentrated around the front of the face adding texture and dimension. The client has gone from a golden blonde to an ash blonde and it is still an ombré, which means the client can literally leave this for a few months and it will still look fab just a little longer. Length. I think it looks amazing! Check out our Pinterest boards for lots of Lob inspiration and don't forget our colour board too.

How to style your new Lob hair cut

So you have finally taken the leap and lobbed it all off! Well done you but now you need to style it like your stylist did right? Ok it's actually really easy and as you may have already noticed most lobbers wear their hair very casually in a beach wave, this is the best way to show off the colour and make it look more like a lob than a bob. Although bobs tend to be shorter I think lobs are definitely more casual and soft when it comes to the styling. If you are a whizz with the straighteners, curling tongs or hair curling wands stop reading but if you need some tips here are a few to get you started.

How to blow dry and style your Lob hair cut

1. Apply your chosen hair products. Use a root lift product such as mousse or styling spray for root lift and volume and a hair serum on the ends for heat protection.

2. Always blow dry first this gives root lift and shine and always illuminates your colour. Use a big boar bristle brush and just get into those roots, it doesn't have to be time consuming as we are going to wave it next so just smooth your hair with the brush first and make sure it's dry.

3. Take your chosen waving tool (I like a big barrel curling tongs) but any thing that waves will work.Then take a section from the front and test your wave and what I mean by this is the thickness of your section will determine how tight or loose your wave will be. Bigger tongs create more waves than curls and that's because the less amount of times the hair can wrap around the tongs the looser the curl will be. The more times it wraps around the tighter it will be.

4. Wrap your section of hair around your tongs half way up the hair and gently use the tongs lever to work down your hair shaft, now here's the difference between a beach wave and a curl and it's leave the last half an inch of hair sticking out of the tongs and leave it straight. This is what makes a beach wave and not a curl. If it looks a little odd then you have probably left too much hair straight at the ends and need to wave down a little further. And that's the different between the coveted beach wave and a ringlet curl. Continue to do this all around your head. For less waves take less but thicker sections and for more waves take more and finer sections.

5. Use your fingers like a claw and rake out the waves to loosen them and create a soft messy look. Use a dry clay for texture or a serum on the ends to tame flyaway hair. Hair spray to set.

And there you have it ladies I hope you found this helpful 😁

Happy hair days!

Lisa xx

The difference between boar and nylon bristle hair brushes

The difference between boar and nylon bristle hair brushes
The difference between a Boar and Nylon bristle hair brush
Many people are confused when choosing between boar and 
nylon when it comes to purchasing a new hairbrush, and with a significant price difference between the two here are a few tips
to help you with your decision.
Boar or natural bristle is exactly that! it's a natural material not
man made namely from boar this is why it costs more than nylon
hair brushes.
Boar and nylon round hair brush 3styler by Hair Philosophers
The benefits of boar bristle 
1.Disributes natural sebum and oils along the hair shaft Naturally conditioning your hair 
2.Reduces frizz
3.Smoothes and creates super shine sprucing up your colour
4.Stimulates the scalp
5.Volumises your hair
6.Bristles do not melt 
Nylon bristle is a general name for different types of plastic.
The benefits of nylon bristle 
1.Its cheap
2.Doesn't leave your hair flyaway
3.Generally good all rounder
4.Easy to use 
The best combination is a Boar and Nylon mix:
Boar and nylon mix has it all, the nylon is usually longer and
creates great grip whilst the boar bristle Smoothes, de-frizzes
quickly and leaves your hair super silky and smooth.You will
notice your hilights or colour always look refreshed because of
The smoothing boar bristle.This mix is great for naturally curly
and frizzy hair especially when using a radial brush and the results
are far superior to that of just a nylon bristle. You can be sure of
added volume, shine and texture with this mix of bristles.
Blogger Sophie trying out the 3styler.
Happy Hair Days
Lisa x

How to Create Curls that Last

How to Create Curls that Last

How to create curls that last!

Curls that last Hair Philosophers

There's no doubt about it creating curls / beach waves doesn't
come naturally to all of us but with these easy hair hacks you too
can create lasting curls.

Follow these tips for long lasting beachy waves and curls.

1.Use product! hair needs to be slightly stiff to hold, so apply a mousse, salt spray or blow-dry lotion at the roots on wet hair and remember to use hair serum on the ends to protect from heat damage.

2.Rough dry your hair first! Turn your head upside down and aim the heat at the roots to create volume and root lift. Now blow dry your hair smooth this illuminates your colour and promotes shine and will help your curls feel bouncier plus make the curls last much longer. There's no need. To be too fussy just use a hairbrush a blow dry smooth.

3. Section your hair off and then take your first section at the front iand wrap the hair around the curling tongs and hold for a few seconds. The finer the sections the tighter the curl and the thicker the sections the looser the curl.
Top Tip: if you want a beach wave start curling your hair from halfway up the hair shaft leaving the ends out from the tongs. Work your way down curling the hair but leave the last quarter of an inch of hair straight at the bottom and this gives that beach wave rather than curl that right to the bottom.

4. Curl your sections in different directions to add dimension and not look to “ringletty” and set with a light hairspray as you go around.
Top Tip: To really set your waves / curls when you have released each curl from the curling tongs, gently roll up around your fingers to reform the curl and take a bobby pin and pin to your head to cool off. Leave for however long you have as this will really set your curls and give them extra staying power. Check out our video on hair to pin curl.

5. Once you have curled all around your head throw your head up side down and get some hair spray into the roots. Throw your head back and using your hand like a claw gently loosen the curls. For extra volume you can tease right at the roots. Once you have the curls where you want them set the rest of the hair with a light hairspray.

Happy Hair Days

Lisa xx