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Why size matters ! Do it Big

Why size matters ! Do it Big

Why size matters when it comes to your Hairbrush


When we first developed the 3styler everyone thought it was huge. And it is! I personally found it a real drag looking at medium to long hair that needed a much bigger hair brush for the job. For those clients that wanted straight smooth hair without over heating with straighteners,the paddle brush will do. But ... If they wanted straight hair but with some body and root lift the paddle brush wasn't going to cut it. What was needed was a brush that was big enough to blowdry quickly whilst smoothing and straightenening and the mega head on the 3styler does just that. The picture below shows the 3styler on my top layers it really can be used on most hair. Of course if you have shorter hair or want more bounce you simply use the midi head. Once you get used to using a bigger brush it's hard to have the patience with the smaller brushes as it takes to long and we are all busy gals! So don't be afraid of the big one it may just become your ultimate #blowdrybuddy when your in a hurry.

Happy Hair Days

Lisa xo