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3styler review a wonderful review from a Happy customer! Read this Blog

3styler review a wonderful review from a Happy customer!  Read this Blog

Check out this Wonderful review from Carolyn bb @evie2206 

Hair Philosophers 3Styler 3 in 1 blow Dry brush and styler - tried and tested !
I have been following Hair Philosophers on Twitter for a while now and lusting after the 3 Styler for months ! I have very straight hair that has a tendency to go flat so am always on the look out for something that will give me volume and body to my locks . iVe tried the Sleep In Rollers big fringe brush which was okay and the Mark Hill Wonder Ball brush which I find hard to use, fiddly and a bit harsh on the scalp . I am always time starved .. With two businesses, two kids and the newly acquire Horse share Hope has acquired and trying to fit in the gym and preparation for next years 10k - I need products and gadgets that are simply to use (my coordination isn’t brilliant) quick and actually work - not just companies that “talk the talk"and try and make you fall for the hype!
So on the Twitter feed came up a Black Friday offer for my most desired brush - a massive discount bringing the brush down from its usual price of £45.99 down to £27.00, so I decided to raid the piggy bank and bite the bullet and order one. At first I was thinking of it for a present for Evie but soon changed my mind when it arrived ?
The brush comes in a big barrel like box (which I’m actually going to keep it in for storage) and there was a personalised letter enclosed from Hair Philosophers which I thought was a nice touch rather than just an impersonal invoice . The brush arrived in a few days unlike when I ordered the big fringe brush from Sleep In Rollers where they took the money, received no updates from the co pant at all and I had to chase chase chase them to receive the brush .! The Hair Philosophers PR and customer service is brilliant .
So all this is great … But what about the brush you are saying ! well the brush is awesome .. it is literally 3 brushes in 1 - a bit like Russian dolls the brushes all stack on top of each other. Attached to the handle is the mini brush which is a small little circular brush which would be great for short hair, on topj of that is the Midi Head high is for volumising and smoothing and on top of that is the massive mega head which is the biggest brush I’ve ever seen in my life ! that’s for quick drying and smoothing. All the heads are made of nylon and boar bristles and you swap heads by just sliding down the button on the handle and twisting the head - dead simple and doesn’t chip the all important nail polish !
I washed and conditioned my hair as usual and then rough dried it till it was around 90% dry then used the mega head put some volume into the roots and the top of the head. I then switched to the midi head to finish it off. The bristles gripped my hair fantastically . I have a powerful ‘ego’ hairdryer (much better than the GHD one by the way) and normally this blows the hair all over the place, Not the case with this beauty at all. The hair stays where it should do and makes it dead easy to get the volume where you want it . Drying and styling the hair required minimal effort, there was no tangled hair and was done in no time at all, the volume in the roots was incredible and the hair was super shiny and smooth - the pics don’t do it justice to be honest . My hair has bounce and I genuinely felt like I’d stepped out of hairspray commercial ??? The big bonus for me apart from the amazing results , was time - it took hardly an time at all - was brilliant . I went out to the theatre last night and my friend asked me where I’d had my hair done ?? had loads of really great comments about it - it felt ultra smooth, mega shiny and bouncy (you don’t get that with straighteners I don’t think ) . What’s more it didn’t drop at all . I’m totally converted .. It’s a product I’m genuinely and passionately enthusiastic about - I bought it and I can tell it’s going to be worth every penny . I can’t wait to try it out on Evie and Hopes very long hair and see the results,
if you have a teen or a longish haired lovely in your life or like me deserve a little treat for yourself I would definitely recommend this for their Christmas stocking . Also the mini brush would be perfect for guys with a quiff! Plus if you buy before the end of the month, follow Hair Philosophers on social media (Twitter Is @hairphilosophers ) add the discount code BLACKFRIDAY27 you will save almost £18
Great brush - 11 year old Hope looked at is and said wow is that Called a "magic brush” - says it all really ! ?

Thanks Carolyn