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The Best Hair Hacks for Glastonbury Festival

The Best Hair Hacks for Glastonbury Festival

Best Hair Hacks for Glastonbury Festival  

So it's Festival time again! But don't worry if you didn't make Glastonbury this year you can still wear festival hair.

We love the simplicity of summer hair and boho chic never seems to go out of fashion. Although braids, messy buns and feathers seem to take centre stage this year you can still do lots with your hair even if it's short.


Twisted half up half down updo

Twisted half up 

Heres a few products you may need 

1. Dry shampoo is a must not just to dry cleanse your hair but also to get that messytextured look.

2. Teasing brush or comb for teasing.

3. Small clear hair bands available from Claire's accessories 

4. Bobby pins

5. Matt clay and serum

6. Hair accessories / flower rings/ hair rings / feathers

Lets take a look at the quick hair hacks that will have you looking like a festival babe in no time.

1. Braided side ponytail: simply spray dry shampoo at the roots and take a section from ear to ear behind at the nape and plait. Then sweep your hair to the side including the plait secure with a clear band. Take a small section of hair and wrap around the band to hide or use the end of the plait to do this and secure with a bobby pin. Now pull out some side pieces and wave and then pull out the plait to "mess" it up a little. If you have a long fringe wave that too as it will frame you face. You can now wave your ponytail and tease it and add any feathers or boho adornaments. Spray with hair spray to hold or mess up with a texturising dry clay.

2. Braided bob: even short bobs can be made "boho" by simply plaiting out your fringe or front section and plait all the way down behind your ear, then secure with a clear band, you can then wave the rest of your hair for that messy look or plait the other side so the two plaits meet and have all your hair up. Add some hair rings and your festival ready baby! 

3. Half up half down twist: is always gorgeous simply take the top half of your hair and take two sections on one side just like you would a plait but all you are doing is crossing the two sections over one another at each side. Do this both sides until you meet the middle and secure with a clear band. Pull out the twist to look fuller and add more hair if it's not thick enough. Pull out any loose front pieces around your face and wave with the rest of you hair. This also looks nice with fake flower head rings for a lovely summery look.

4. Messy hair buns: these are the easiest quickest hacks for looking boho chic and can be placed anywhere on your head and I mean anywhere! Half up half down variations are great you can have two up on either side of your head and wave the rest or just one on top half up an s the rest down. Alternatively you can do pig tails and twist them into cute buns on either side of your head and add a little glitter to really glam it up. My favourite is always the messy side bun. Just make a ponytail in the same way as the above ponytail and wave but this time make a messy bun from the ponytail hair by pinning up with bobby grips until all the hair is up in the bun then pull random pieces out for that undone look. Remember the messier the better.

These are just a few really quick easy styles to do in a hurry but for more inspiration check us out Pinterest.

Happy Hair Days

Lisa xx