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How to cope when your hair is falling out

How to cope when your hair is falling out

How to Cope when your hair is falling out

I often have what I call hair fall. This can be quite common but recently my hair has thinned by half which I have put down to my age (47).There are a number of reasons that women's hair can thin and if it's more than 30- 50 % I would recommend a trichologist or your GP. Stress, hormone imbalance, diet, thyroid disease and certain medications can all play apart in hair loss. If you suspect any of the above you would need to see a specialist and take a suitable course of action. Another reason for thinning hair can be your hair care routine. I have many clients that have used straighteners for prolonged periods of time and essentially thinned their hair with the added bonus of breakage. The excessive heat when held on fragilised hair for too long will slowly dehydrate the hair until it splits, the split is a bit like a fraying rope that will eventually travel up the hair shaft causing breakage. Don't get me wrong straighteners are an awesome too, it's just that people tend to over use them or simply hold them on their hair for far too long. They rationalise that the heat protected products will protect their hair but I have found that serums work much better. The best way to describe serums is that they add a fake moisture to your hair. When you use heat tools they suck out that extra moisture instead of your hairs natural oils and this in turn is a form of protection against dehydration and breakage. Heat protecters will not afford you the luxury of frying your hair without paying for it.                        

This is one of the many reasons I invented the 3styler. The bristles and sizes of each barrel are designed to help straighten your hair smoothly without compromising your hair condition. Big Mega head is great for super straight smoothing, the Midi head is fantastic for bounce and body and the Mini head is your go to tool for hard to get to areas, fringes and short hair. 3styler can be an amazing alternative to straighteners, it saves time, saves space, saves your hair.

Now back to my clients, of those that eventually bit the bullet and started blowdrying and not straightening the results were amazing. Fuller, thicker heavier hair and the growth was unbelievable, within a couple of months their hair had gained more length than the last 6 months. If you are addicted to the straighteners due to having wavy or frizzy hair the bristles on the 3styler can straighten the toughest curls. Altrernatively wear your hair up and just smooth your fringe and curly hairline with the mini head this will give you're hair a break. This is great if you are a lazy blow dryer as I am, all you need to do is let your hair dry by upto 90% and the 3styler will dry your hair in under 10 minutes. I actually let mine dry fully and get a beautiful blowdry in 6 minutes! Look after your hair girls after all the average growth is only half an inch a month.

Happy growing.

Lisa xx