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How to do a Sexy Ponytail

How to do a Sexy Ponytail

How to do a Sexy Ponytail


 Get this cute Ponytail in a few minutes. Great to do on any hair! If you don't have time to go from day hair to evening hair this is one of the quickest styles you can do.

1. Use a dry shampoo even if your air is clean as this will add texture and volume, just add alitttle at the roots.

2. Roughly smooth your hair back (not too tight or tidy) and bring to your preferred side.  Remember to leave some side pieces out if you prefer.

3. Take a small clear band and secure ponytail quite low down not protruding from your head. I like to place it just under and behind my ear. Curl or wave your ponytail and tease at the roots a little for volume.

4. Then take a slice of hair from your ponytail as thick or thin as you like and wrap tightly around the hair band. This will hide the hair band and add a bit of boho chic, alternatively you can braid the slice of hair and wrap that around to hide the band.

5. Take a bobby pin and use this to tuck the end up into the ponytail. Once this is done use your fingers as a claw or use a comb and slightly tease the ponytail to create volume and movement. Pull out any extra side bits you may want and curl If desired. Super easy Super quick!

Alternatively if you do not have any tongs available as you are going out straight from work simply braid or fishtail your ponytail and pull it out making it "fatter" giving a messy textured look then add a little lip gloss and your good to go!

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