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Our founder, Lisa the hair-a-holic runs the Hair Philosphers brand with the family team. Obsessed with hair since a child it was always predicted Lisa would be a hairdresser which annoyed her a little, but hey they were all correct in their predictions!
Lisa's natural ability to understand shapes in hair and how to achieve them was apparent even before her top level training at the Morris Masterclass school of hairdressing in Tottenham Court Road, London.
Fast forward a few years and Lisa has been hairdressing working for herself for a long time. Still passionate about hair and the difference a great haircut and Colour can make to a person's overall confidence. "In a nutshell my job is to help people achieve their desired look and make them happy". Great hair makes people happy! You need great tools to help you achieve fabulous hair. We all need adaptable quality products that will save time, save storage and save your hair from a bad day!

The Founders Vision.

"3Styler is not just my invention it's all my clients invention and anyone that has expressed a need to me". Lisa recognised the need as a hair stylist and a woman with mid length hair for much larger barrel brushes to cut down drying time and create smooth hair. She also wanted to carry less singular hair brushes in her kit. Meanwhile Lisa noticed her clients wanted to get the salon finish at home so they needed more than one size brush. They too reported having between 1­ - 5 hairbrushes stored in their drawers. But the final straw Lisa says "was all the breakage I was seeing from the over use of direct heat tools such as straighteners, It literally brings tears to my eyes." We needed a brush that can smooth as efficiently as straighteners in less time, and a brush that can adapt to our ever changing styles. Hello 3Styler.

The Journey.

It has taken nearly 5 years to get to this point. Lisa drew the initial idea in her notepad way back in 2010 and her husband Mick had a rudimentary prototype turned from wood just to have a visual.
We eventually bit the bullet and had an amazing working prototype made. Yes this brush was probably one of the largest on the market and a completely new concept but we all needed something completely new versatile and great quality.
Now we needed a manufacturer and we wanted the best! I never dreamed that a company like Kent brushes would even entertain us, but they liked the 3styler and agreed to manufacture for 
us. This in itself ensured premium quality and workmanship. Kent Brushes have been a quality hairbrush manufacturer for over 100 years and make many top brand hair brushes on the market today. They had their work cut out for them as this type of brush hadn't been made before. We launched at salon international last year and we was met with a lot of excitement at the new concept and design.

Creating A New Luxury Hairbrush.

Our packaging conveys our love of quality and design and also creates that luxury feeling that we all crave from time to time. We want everyone that purchases a 3Styler to enjoy it from the moment they open the box. We are currently working on additional products to compliment the 3styler to give all hairaholics a beautiful experience.

Hair Philosophers want to fill a gap in the market for a premium quality hairbrush (or 3)
Giving women the opportunity to blowdry or blowout their hair again without causing damaging and accommodating today's ever changing hair styles. The boar and nylon bristle and sturdy handle and large barrels make for a super fast, smooth blowdry. The 3Styler is also a Great sharing brush For mothers and daughters that use all three or different size barrels.


Lisa Parsons

Lisa is the co-founder Of Hair Philosophers and inventor of the 3styler. Lisa is responsible for the research and development of the company.


Mick Parsons

Mick is the co-founder of Hair Philosophers and heads up operations and logistics for the company. In his spare time Mick loves music and doing the odd triathlon!


Cheney Parsons
Social Media Marketer

Cheney looks after social media, marketing and content management. In her spare time she is a singer, song writer and musician. If she has time after all that she loves to go to hot yoga.


Mitch Parsons
Brand Manager

Mitch has a keen eye and his attention to detail makes him the perfect candidate to care for all our social media graphics, content, web design and marketing. Mitch is a huge movie fan and in his spare time he loves to work out and indulge his creative side.